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Pawna Lake Camping For Family

Best Pawna Lake Camping Lonavala For Family

You are here because you are looking for pawna lake camping options for families or want to get details about pawna lake camping for families. In this blog post, we have covered everything about pawna lake family camping.

pawna camping for family

We have covered the best pawna lake camping options for families, amenities offered by campsites, Pricing, FAQs, and How you can choose the best pawna lake camping in Lonavala for families.

As we all know, pawna lake camping is a popular destination for camping lovers in Maharashtra. The reason behind the popularity of pawna lake camping is its affordable, easily accessible, and surrounded by natural beauties; campsites near pawna lake offer top-notch amenities.

With best-in-class amenities, you can enjoy different things at pawna camping, like live music, barbeque, boating, bonfire, free dinner and breakfast, cozy tent stay, sunset, and much more.

So if you also want to spend some quality time with your family, pawna lake family camping is the best option.

Which is The Best Pawna Lake Campsite For Family

Many pawna lake camping claims that they offer the best pawna lake camping for families. But based on 4.9 google ratings, the deluxe camping site by is the best camping site for families. 

This campsite has all the top-notch amenities, and this camping site is specially designed for families. Here you can enjoy the best quality veg and non-veg food, Live music on Saturday, Barbeque, sunset, Outdoor games, and a safe tent stay. 

How to Book Pawna Lake Camping For Families

As we discussed earlier, the deluxe campsite of It is the best camping site for families. You can book this campsite by visiting the official website of , Let’s look at the process of booking the pawna lake camping sites for families.

Step 1 –

Visit the official website of

Step 2 –

Contact the booking team on the phone and whatsapp number on the website. You can also contact me through the contact form.

Step 3 –

If you fill out the contact form, the team will contact you to assist in choosing an appropriate campsite and tent. You can also clear your doubt.

Step 4 –

Pay in advance and book your tent.

Price of Pawna Lake Camping For Family offers deluxe and regular camping options. The regular camping price is 999 rupees, whereas deluxe camping is 1200 rupees per person. If you want to book for more than 10 people, you can also get exciting discounts.

What You Will Get In Pawna Lake Camping Package

List of AmenitiesDescription
Booking Price999 rupees for regular camping, 1200 rupees for deluxe camping
TimingCheck-in at 4 pm, Check out at 11 am the next day
SnacksTea, Pakora, and Coffee in deluxe camping only.
BBQTwo hundred fifty grams of BBQ Veg and Non-Veg.
DinnerYou get free unlimited veg and Non-Veg dinner
Live singingLive singling is available at the deluxe campsite every Saturday.
Photo boothPhoto booth available only at deluxe campsite
ParkingFree parking available
CampfireCommon campfire available
BathroomsSeparate washrooms for ladies and gents and Common bathrooms in regular camping are available.
CCTVCCTV is available only at the deluxe campsite
MusicDJ speakers available
TentsSharing tents for 2,3,4 people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is pawna lake camping safe for women?

Yes, pawna lake camping is safe for women, All the campsites we offer are verified, and all are private properties. We also have backup facilities for extreme weather events. As pawna lake camping, you will get all the necessary amenities, like separate washrooms for women. Overall, pawna lake camping is safe for women, and you can enjoy it with your family members or female friends.

Can we bring our pets with our family to pawna lake?

Some campsites near pawna lake don’t allow pets for hygiene reasons. We recommend you check with the camping provider at the time of booking.

Is food free at pawna lake family camping?

Yes, breakfast and dinner are free. You can enjoy free 250 grams of BBQ, Snacks, and unlimited veg and non-veg dinner at pawna lake camps.

Can we enter pawna lake with my family members?

No, you can not enter in water. It’s restricted. Pawna lake water is quite deep, and entering the water is dangerous.

What things should we have to carry with us?

We recommend carrying extra clothes, mosquito creams, a torch, comfortable shoes or footwear, and first aid kits.

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