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Best Camping Places Near Pune

Best Camping Places Near Pune

Are you living in Pune and looking for camping places near Pune? If yes, then you are on the right website. As we all know, camping is the most cost-effective and perfect solution for luxury resorts. You can enjoy it at the same locations where luxury resorts are located. 

Numerous camping destinations surround Pune City. In this blog post, we have covered the top 30 camping destinations near Pune. These destinations are suitable for beginners as well as experienced campers. 

1 – Pawna Lake Camping – Best Camping Near Pune For Weekends 

Pawna Lake camping is around 54 kilometers away from Pune, and it is one of the cheapest options for camping near Pune. Pawna Lake is the perfect lakeside camping and weekend gateway, where you can enjoy with your friends, family, or your partner. Pawna Lake offers couple-friendly, family-friendly, and corporate camping options. You can book Pawna Lake Camping by clicking the Book Now button below. 

  • Distance from Pune: 54 km
  • Activities: Bonfire, Fun games, indoor and outdoor games, live music, and more. 
  • Food – Camp organizers supply veg and nonveg food. 
  • Estimated cost: INR 900 – 2500 per person per day. 

2 – Shirota Lake Camping 

Shirota Lake is also one of the nearest and most popular camping options near Pune. Shirota Lake is 18 kilometers away from Lonavala and 74 kilometers from Pune. To reach Shirota Lake, you need to drive completely off-road. Shirota Lake is the best camping option for nature lovers near Pune because it’s less crowded and offers a more peaceful environment. 

  • Distance from Pune: 74 km
  • Activities: Sightseeing, Campfire, Music on Battery Operated devices, Outdoor activities, Tracking. 
  • Food – Camp organizers supply veg and nonveg food. 
  • Estimated cost: INR 2500/- per person 

3 – Khambre 

Kambre is around 52 kilometers from Pune and one of the most popular campsites near the western ghats. Thousands of campers arrive at Kambre each month for camping. Kambre campsite sites are surrounded by natural beauty, and tents are very comfortable. 

  • Distance from Pune: 52 km
  • Activities include indoor games like chess and carrom, football and cricket, and nature walks. 
  • Food: Veg and nonveg food is supplied by camp organizers. 
  • Best for corporate outings. 
  • Estimated cost: INR 2000/- per person 

4 – Velhe Camping Near Pune 

Velhe is one of the nearest camping destinations in Pune. This is the best campsite to teach your kids about the natural beauties of Sahyadri. You can also enjoy hikes and trails at this campsite, which will test your stamina and endurance. During the rainy season, the views at this campsite are just spectacular. 

  • Distance from Pune: 46 km
  • Activities: Football, handball, cricket, archery, tent stay, campfire
  • Estimated cost: INR 1500 per person Approx. 

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5 – Bhor 

Bhor is a camping destination with lush greenery. At Bhor camping, you can enjoy delicious food at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can enjoy different activities here; this place is safe for couples and families to visit. You can reach Bhor using your private vehicle or public transportation. 

  • Distance from Pune: 54 km
  • Activities: Badminton, Football, Frisbee, Karaoke system, Volleyball,
  • Estimated cost: INR 1200 per person Approx. 

6 – Khopoli Camping 

Khopoli camping is around 80 kilometers away from Pune city. And well known as the city of the waterfall. Khopoli camping sites are surrounded by the Adoshi hills and situated near the Amba River. You can enjoy waterfalls here in rainy seasons. 

  • Distance from Pune: 80 km
  • Activities: Hiking, barbecue, campfire, nature walk, Waterfalls in rainy seasons. 
  • Estimated cost: INR Approx 2500 per day per person. 

7 – Panchgani 

You can enjoy the tranquil valley views while camping on the hilltops of Panchgani. You can also enjoy the campfire with your friends, family, and loved ones. Panchagni camping is far from a dam or a lake compared to other camping options. It’s a hilltop camping. 

  • Distance from Pune: 100 km
  • Activities: Trekking, campfire, nature walk, Zip Line, Burma Bridge, etc. 
  • Estimated cost: INR Approx 2700 per day per person. 

8 – Wai Camping 

Wai campsites are surrounded by beautiful mountains, making them one of the perfect campsites for campers in Pune. This affordable campaign option is located around 90 Km from Pune city. Wai is famous for its rivers, ghats, and temples. Wai has more than 100 temples and not so much crowded. This is the best option to enjoy nature with peace. 

  • Distance from Pune: 87.1 km
  • Activities: Strawberry Farm Visit, Cave Trekking, Horse Ride, Boating and Bullock Cart ride 
  • Estimated cost: INR Approx 1200 per day per person. 

9 – Bhandardara Lake Camping 

Bhandardara Lake Camping is also known as Arthur Lake Camping. Bhandardara campsite is located around 165 kilometers from Pune and around 75 kilometers from Pune. Bhandardara is famous for adventure sports activities, sightseeing, and resorts nearby. The best time to visit this camping place is October to February. 

  • Distance from Pune: 165 km
  • Activities: Boating, fishing, forest visit, bonfire, music, tree swings, outdoor games 
  • Estimated cost: INR Approx 1100 per day per person. 

10 – Uttan Camping 

Uttan offers a laid-back coastal camping experience. This hillock camping offers activities like natural walks, sumo wrestling, zorbing, barbeque at night, live music, and bonfires. The distance for Uttan camping is around 180 kilometers from Pune, and you need to drive approximately 4 to 5 hours to reach this camping destination. 

  • Distance from Pune: 180 km
  • Activities: Nature walks, sumo wrestling, zorbing, barbecue, campfire, and live music. 
  • Estimated cost: INR 2500 – 5000 per day per person 

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