You are currently viewing Pawna Lake Camping For Couples: Price, Packages, Facilities and More

Pawna Lake Camping For Couples: Price, Packages, Facilities and More

Pawna Lake Camping For Couples

Do you want to enjoy your weekends with your partner? Pawna lake camping is a great option for couples in Pune and Mumbai. Before discussing pawna lake camping, let’s learn more about pawna lake.

Pawna lake is a man-made lake on the pawna dam in the Maval taluka of the Pune district. Situated in the natural beauty of the Sahyadri mountains. Pawna lake is 114.7 KM away from Mumbai and 51.7 KM from Pune. Pawna lake is one of the best weekend gateways for tourists in Pune and Mumbai.

If you want to spend quality time with your partner, pawna lake is the best option. With the pawna lake couple package, you not only enjoy the natural beauty, but it will also help strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

Which is The Best Camping Site For Couples

There are a lot of campsites available for couples, but the deluxe campsite offered by is considered the safest campsite for couples. This is the couple-friendly and safest campsite, which offers different amenities and more privacy to couples.

At this campsite, you can enjoy a comfortable tent stay and separate washrooms for gents and ladies. At this deluxe campsite, couples can enjoy delicious meals, the best quality barbeque, bonfires with live music, outdoor games, and live singing performance every Saturday.

Overall the deluxe campsite by is the best campsite for couples where you can spend quality time comfortably.

How to Book Pawna Lake Couple Camping 

You can easily book pawna lake camping by following the three easy steps below. We always recommend checking online reviews or getting references from friends and family members. 

Step 1 – 

Search online for pawna lake camping for couples. Check the reviews and ratings of different camping sites. Compare and Visit the trusted website like www. 

Step 2 – 

Contact the support team of the campsite through a contact form or phone call. 

Step 3 – 

Most of the camping sites take 33% advance amount for bookings. This means the couple must pay around 660 rupees in advance for bookings, and the rest of the amount will be paid at check-in or check-out. 

Price of Pawna Lake Camping For Couples

There are two options available you can choose any option as per your budget. The first option is regular camping, and the second is deluxe camping. Regular camping will cost you 2000 rupees per couple, and deluxe camping costs 2400 rupees per couple.

At Delux camping, you will get extra amenities like free coffee, separate bathrooms, more options for dinner, photo booth.

Regular VS Delux Pawna Lake Camping For Couples

Regular CampingDeluxe Camping
Cost you 2000 Per Couple.Cost you 2400 per couple.
Check-in time is 4 pm, and check-out time is 11 am the next day.Check-in and out time is the same as the regular camping.
In snacks – Tea and Pakoda.With tea and pakoda, you will get coffee
You will get 250 grams of BBQ, Veg, and Non-Veg.You will get 250 grams of BBQ, Veg, and Non-Veg.
Unlimited Veg and Non-Veg Dinners, which include matar paneer, dal, Rice, chapati, salad, sabzi, and sweets.
In non-veg, you will get chicken curry, Fry, Rice, Anda a Curry Chicken fry.
You get some extra menus in the deluxe package.
In veg, you will get aloo paneer, aloo fry, paneer masala, salad, papad, pickle, Rice, and sweet.
In Non-Veg, you will get Chicken gravy, a curry, chicken fry, salad, chapati, and Rice.
Live singing is not available in this packageLive singing is available every weekend (Saturday )
Photo booth not available in this packageA photo booth is available
Hot water availableHot water available
Common campfireCommon campfire
Common washroomsSeparate washrooms for ladies and gents
CCTV not availableCCTV available
You can enjoy outdoor games like archery, dart game, carrom, Cricket, badminton, football, volleyball, and cards.You can enjoy outdoor games like archery, dart game, carrom, Cricket, badminton, football, volleyball, and cards.
Regular VS Delux Pawna Lake Camping For Couples

What are the facilities available at pawna lake camping for couples?


After check-in at 4 pm, you can settle in your tent and enjoy snacks. For snacks, campsites offer tea, coffee, and pakoda. Snacks can be different per day.

Free Activities

You can enjoy various free activities with your partners, like soft hockey, volleyball, Cricket, and much more.


In the evening, you can enjoy the sunset by sitting in the comfort of your tent.

Barbeque and dinner

Between 7 to 8:30 pm, camping sites offer 250 grams of barbeque, and between 9:30 pm and 11 pm, the campsite offers high-quality and hygienic veg and non-veg dinners.


There is live music available from 9 pm to 11 pm. With live music, you can spend some quality time with your partner.

Clean washrooms

At the campsites we offer, you can get clean washrooms separate for men and women.


The next morning, you and your partner can enjoy poha, tea, coffee, bread, jam, and more for breakfast.

live singing at pawna lake couples camping

FAQ – Pawna Camping For Couples

What is the price of pawna lake camping for couples?

The price of pawna lake camping for couples is 2000 rupees for regular camping and 2400 rupees for deluxe camping sites.

Can unmarried couples book pawna lake camping?

Yes, unmarried couples can also book the pawna lake camping. But if unmarried couples want to go to pawna lake camping, we always recommend they carry a valid photo id and necessary documents.

Is pawna lake camping for couples safe?

Yes, most camping sites at pawna lake are safe for couples. To make your camping experience safe and enjoyable, you should follow the guidelines provided by the campsite. But we suggest you go with trusted camping providers like pawnalakecamps. in.

What are the payment methods available?

You can pay using UPI, money transfer, debit or credit card for pawna camping.

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