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pawna lake camping booking

Pawna Lake Camping Booking

As we all know, pawn lake camping is one of the most popular destinations near Pune and Mumbai. People book Pawna Lake camping to enjoy weekends, birthday parties, and corporate events and spend quality time with family and loved ones. 

And to make your camping experience hassle-free, booking your campsite in advance is very important. At Pawna Lake Camps, we offer a seamless booking experience and a range of camping sites to which you can choose as per your needs. Whether you are a solo camper or want to visit with your family, friends, or the corporate group, this blog post will help you plan your Pawna Lake camping booking. 

Online Pawna Lake Camping Booking Process

Booking Pawna Lake camping online is the most convenient way to book a tent at Pawna Lake. With the help of Pawna Lake Camps, it’s easier because you get an easy interface and multiple options to book Pawna Lake Camping. 

Step 1: Visit

Visit to book pawn lake camping online; our official website is the most secure and trusted platform to book pawn lake camping online.  We are not like other websites that sell leads to another campsite; we have multiple campsites, which customers can choose from as per their requirements. 

Step 2: Explore Different Camping Options and Packages 

Once you visit our website, we suggest you take your time to explore different camping options. Because our website offers multiple camping options, you can choose a campsite that suits our requirements. Each option on our website comes with detailed descriptions and photographs, which help you choose your preferred campsite easily. 

Step 3: Pay 33% Advance and Confirm Your Booking

After selecting your preferred camping site, proceed to the booking section to make payments. You can make full payment in advance or book your preferred campsite by paying 33% in advance. Advance payment will help us to secure your tent and prepare for your arrival at our campsites. You can pay 33% using multiple payment methods like Card or UPI. 

Following these steps, you can easily book Pawna Lake camping and enjoy your time with your friends, family, or corporate group. Please don’t wait too long because we have limited people per day at our campsites and as a reputed campsite, our tents fill up quickly, especially during peak seasons. 

Cancellation Policies For Bookings

Flexible rescheduling 

Pawna Lake camping sites do not offer refunds on cancellation of bookings, but yes, you can reschedule your camping date. While refunds are unavailable at any campsite at Pawna Lake, you can reschedule your camping plan if your plan changes. 

Inform In Advance 

You should inform your campsite beforehand if you want to reschedule your camping date. We also need to check the availability of the campsite on your chosen date. 

No Additional Charges Are Required

Typically, the campsite does not charge any additional fees to reschedule. We did not charge additional charges to allow your customers to adjust their plans without extra cost, which is a convenient cancellation option. 

Pawna Lake Camping Booking For Groups and Discounts 

You can book Pawna Lake camping for a larger group of more than ten people. When you book Pawna Lake Camping for more than ten people, you can avail yourself of a discount of Rs 100 per person from This will help you to save more and make your camping experience more economical. 

This group booking option is helpful to make your family reunion, corporate outings, or group trip with friends more enjoyable. So what are you waiting for? Gather your group and book your Pawna Lake camping through Enjoy camping at Pawna Lake with your group. 

What to Expect at Pawna Lake Camping After Booking

Regular CampingDeluxe Camping
Price₹999 /- PER PERSON₹1200 /- PER PERSON
Check-in4 PM4 PM
Check-out11 AM the Next Day11 AM the Next Day
SnacksTea and PakodaTea, Coffee and Pakoda
TentsIn Sharing 2/3/4 PersonsIn Sharing 2/3/4 Persons
BBQ250 Grams per person, Veg and NON Veg250 Grams per person, Veg and NON Veg
DinnerVeg: Matar Paneer, Dal, Rice, Chapati, Salad, Sweet Dish, Aaloo Sabji
Non-Veg: Chicken Curry, Chicken Fry, Anda Curry, Chapati, Salad, Rice
Veg: Paneer Masala, Aaloo Paneer, Aaloo Fry, Gulab Jamun, Papad, Pickle, Salad, Chapati, Rice
Non-Veg: Anda Curry, Chicken Gravy, Chapati, Salad, Rice
Live SingingNot AvailableAvailable Every Saturday
Photo BoothNot AvailableAvailable
ParkingFree of cost availableFree of cost available
WaterAvailable Hot water for bathAvailable Hot water for bath
CampfireCommon Campfire AvailableCommon Campfire Available
CCTVNot AvailableAvailable
WashroomCommon Washrooms AvailableSeparate Washrooms For gents and ladies
Games and ActivitiesSoft archery, Dart game, Cricket, Badminton, Chess, Carrom, Playing Cards, Volleyball, Football
Free mineral waterYesYes
What to Expect at Pawna Lake Camping After Booking

FAQs: Pawna Lake Camping Booking 

Are parking charges included in booking fees? 

We offer free parking for all our guests, hence no extra parking charges are required. 

Why Pawna Lake Populour For Camping?

As we all know, Pawna Lake is very popular for camping near Pune and Mumbai. It’s popular for camping because of its scenic views, environment, and proximity to Pune and Mumbai, Maharashtra’s two most major cities. 

Which is the best site to book Pawna Lake camping? is the most trusted platform to book Pawna Lake camping because we have our own campsites and are one of the oldest campsite providers near Pawna Lake. We have been providing camping services since 2016 near Pawna Lake. 

What amenities are provided when booking at Pawna Lake? 

You will get amenities like tents with beds, fans, mobile charging points, a barbecue, fun games, breakfasts, and meals. You can also enjoy fun activities like archery, basketball, football, cricket, Dart, and much more.

Is it safe to camp at Pawna Lake? 

Yes, camping at Pawna Lake is safe. Professional camp organizers manage camping sites near Pawna Lake. But we always suggest you be aware while camping and take the necessary precautions. 

How much will it cost to book a tent at Pawna Lake? 

Booking a tent near Pawn Lake will cost you INR 800, and it will go up to 3000 per person depending on the amenities, tent type, and package you choose. 

Are pets allowed at Pawna Lake camping?

Policies related to pets are different at the campsite; some campsites allow pets while other campsites do not allow pets. It’s advisable to check with your camp organizers before taking your pets with you to the campsite. 

Are there any restrictions or rules at the Pawna Lake campsite? 

Yes, you must follow some rules while camping at Pawna Lake. Most campsites at Pawna Lake have regulations to ensure guests’ safety. 

How do I reach the campsite? 

Pawna Lake is accessible by road from Pune and Mumbai. You can visit privately and also on public transportation. The campsite provides detailed directions to reach Pawna Lake after the bookings. 

What should I Pack for Pawna Lake camping? 

For a camping trip to Pawn Lake, pack comfortable clothes, your medicines, an extra blanket, mosquito repellents, a flashlight, and personal toiletries. 

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